Where my classmate? first day of VI semester

Engineers for da future..

Arghh!!!! what a day?

I'll keep absebt on my first class at 8, well im actually forgot that today is tuesday. I still remember that day is Monday..arghhh what ever?...

Emm..meeting everyone in class..i just love it .love my friends..eventough there are some kind cannot be understand..well i'm never really mentioned about my classmate rite.. well..this a little bit..its only 10 gurls in the section..its a small number but we'll still survive till now. First my self..well not much about me..and u can know more if u read my blog..2nd is about honeyza..my first roomate when im in first year..so polite girl..everything must be cleaned and perfect..haha anger sometime..but i can get along with her..and she likes to scold me b4 dis..(jgn mare)..but it's ok because she is my friends...

Then, i have nana, pija-chan & atie..easily to be noticed as Sabah gurl power...always be together since first year..and for your information .. nana & atie have been roomate since the step their feet in KUKTEM. I hope they would not be roomate in 7 semester..haha what a hope? Actually just a little bit jeolous..haha but its k ba...i' happy having conversation with them because it actually kind a funny hearing the sabahan ..talks hehe

i'll also have dayah..that so thin and very eager to increase her weight but never success..hope to be like one of the pussycat..dolls..(oh dayah i hope u ever success one day, may god bless u)..next is kakwa..actually her name azrina but perasan to be old and let people call her kak wa..hehe.. so falling in love with..S....tut and love motorcyle very much..love comics too..and also worried about her weight..

who else??....haha then i have ziana..well very nice and soft girl for me actually..and all of us like to tease her with her...tut..u know that? eventough sometimes would be tough for all of us but she is such a patience gurl..and she kind a brilliant sometimes..oh we need you sometimes dear..hehe

then i have sue.-ina .falling in love with SO7 from indon..why people admire people from there? I just love tegoshi yuya and masuda ..so cute and they are from japan..hehe ..Sue likes to scream a lot...last but not least would be lenny..such a pretty girl..such as word that I cannot say...just have a new boyfriend when she in 2nd year..i think she was so happy with her new guy? hope you gonna be with him forever..hehe

I hope i don't miss anyone...everyone have their on dissatisfaction and satissfactions..but that made they all differents and become true friends....just love you guys ..hope remain friends forever..tata

Congratulations for becoming an engineer 2015

To the fullest life .. NCC episode 2

NCC episode 2.

Hey I told you guys, that the 2nd episode of my NCC will be revealed.


On the 2nd day of the NCC program, all of us had planned to enjoy our trip at IIUM by having short trip around the KL. Therefore, we have agreed to go to times square just to give us more experiance and feel life again.

Adan, Mawi(not a real name) and I have gone through extraordinary experiance by riding the most thing I won't ever to ride again.

That thing was the one that spin 360 degree and I can't imagine if the safety belt is loosed and i'm gonna be hanged or suspended there. And suddenly someone puke on us. Oh it is so discusting and creepy. However..I never scream for the 2nd time I ride that thing. It's so amazing to have the feeling that you are so brave and not afraid with all of the scary and ridiculous stuff.

But it's so funny for both of my friends. They were never ride roller coaster or space attack or DNA mixer for their entire life. It's so emberassing to have them scream there like..bapak diorang punya tempat..(sory guys already mentioned) eventough its only Dizzy izzy machine that my 10 old years sister can ride. HAHA..


They were so happy & Im glad that both of you happy..because that make me happy too.

But guys, you all are still coward and cannot challenged me. I dare both of you to ride space shoot with me 5 times or more at genting. HAHA..can u do it?

Anyone want to share their excitement in roller coaster or any kind of the stuffs you are pleased to come to me in my blog ok. Hope to hear interesting story from you guys.

Tha's all from knowledgeable experianced we gained in IIUM. May GOD bless us.

Introduce Tegoshi Yuya

National Career Carnival 2006

First day On NCC'06

On 18 - 20 December 2006, Ramadan - Pja-chan & I went to Islamic International University IIUM..

We actually been there for the career programs. And i have been to IIUM for several times. Therefore im quite familiar with the places. It is huge place but its rounded. Thus it is easy for me to memorize all the way.

First of all, we reached IIUM quite late riding a bus because we have to considered that KUKTEM need to send theather students first. But it's ok. because we manage to view panaorama of Malaya University.

As usuall, visitor will be allocated at the kolej keempat. I don't know why? may be it's already be the guest home..eventough..ehm you know..old university. But its ok, because it is not us staying there.

Back to IIUM...

When we step on the IIUM ground we straight went to the accomodation registration for NCC participants. Then we have been given hostel at marhallah maryam for the girls and bilal for Adan.Name that we called Ramadan....then we went waiting for the bus at bus stop..how ever no bus came..

Start to feel stress there..then we decide to enter the exhibition hall first to check out the carrer promotion..(by feet)

Interesting Impressed

Quite interesting..seem like this is the first time i attended biggest career day. Have a lot of company that i'm never know and it is of course huge company. We were so exciting because the major requirements offered in civil engineering field..


But, things that made me happy is I met with my good skinny friends. Izzati. I love you my friend. She tall and skinny and tend to be more white. Jealous..NO..i'm happy she more prettier..Can't wait for her marriage..hehe

The watch shows nearly 5 pm. So the carnival is gonna close. So we start move and waiting for the bus to marhallah. Thank god after 30 minutes the bus came. The bus straightly stop in front the marhallah and we need to pick up our key rooms.

Managed to stay in block B ground floor..(so lazy to climb the stairs)..

Have a chat for some times..then we have been invited to join the block family day...
We don't want to miss the oppurtunity to meet with IIUM students. Therefore we joined but rather be the observer. They have several games and eating times. The first game is so interesting but i can't share the games because we need to make it secret before appeal it our friends...my dear friends ..wait for it hahaha..

Then, we left the activities to enjoy eating time at student's cafe.. Very cheap the food there compare in KUKTEM..Sory, but the Nasi goreng cili api is so kaw..spicy men. i love it very much.

Then suddenly, my old friends arrived. Im so glad and happy. And then we keep talking and chatting. Her name is Zuhaila. One things about her that never change is talk fast and too much. But Zue we like you the way you are. Thanks for being my friend. Then she brought me tour the UIA to see IIUM in night view using his motorbike.

It's lovely at night.

After that, she sent me back to mahallah and Pja & I directly went to our room. What a tiring day but it is and happy day because i met all my good friends. Hope to see all of you again.

We sleep early ..to go somewhere tomorrow. Want to know where. Have to wait my second day blog. Ok

"Hope to be a project manager in big company..the passed up your resume"

New edition

Assalamualaikum & Very pleasant morning to everyone

This is my 2nd blog that far different from my first blog.

In this blog I want to appeal myself that full of confidents and strong person who love to be in study life and tend to enjoy her study time to the fullest.
Hem..mentioning about study..I'm actually a student from University College of engineering & Technology Malaysia...& of course it is one of the IPTA..university in malaysia..

We are not glamour or popular like others huge universities such as Malaya University, UKM, UPM or MMU it selves.. and because of that people surround us keep missunderstood what KUKTEM is all about.

What is so important about name? ..dont worry..people will know Kuktem later

People keep saying this..but for us name is so important because without names and promotion upon KUKTEM we are nothing. As a Kuktem student, we are eager to let everyone knows about us.How undergraduates student from KUKTEM want to survive in industrial world & the community if we come from places that no one knows..

It's humiliate..
first time.......
when someone ask is KUKTEM Ipts?..or the fees must be expensive..which company sponsored you?...haha..
but makcik & nenek Kuktem is a new university and it is a technical university that required his students to do hands on activities...and my sponsored is PTPTN...

Its' funny when im as a first year student..always explaining the same stories to makcik, nenek & pakcik..but now its different..

We are not easily pissed of about Kuktem..we believe someday when Kuktem reached its higher level. Every student in Malaysia want to enter Kuktem or in future it will published as UMP University Malaysia Pahang.

I Love Kuktem very much. This place tought me about happiness..friends..sadness..love and commitment..

I hope i can Kuktem's lecturer in environmental subject ....May god bless me Amin..