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Jya na.

My first Japanese Class with alang, acik and anjang


Minna(you guys)
wakarimasuka? (understand or not)
Hai wakarimas (yes i'm understood)
Ieik wakarimase (no i'm not understand)

Hei just a few words that now i'm really understand what japanese is all about.
When started falling in love with yuya im extremely work harder on japanese song, dramas and not forget NEWS the most kawaii

Actually last night i attend my first japanese class with my dear roomate anjang. I'm not in the class actually but just want to join to have the best experiance learning japanase. As I thought it was really interesting and you know guys. Last night class actually made us able to read kanji character. It's simple but need to memorize it.

Anjang & I were shy comig to the class because it was mechanical classes that full with opposite genders. Well you know mens..and it's emberassing me actually but because of my love to Yuya and dare my self to enter the class.

The class was happening with guys having fun in the language and there were alang and acik also in the class. Arghhh....I just miss my MPP's family. It made me happy seeing acik and alang again. Hope to see others too eventough were in the same college but it seem difficult to meet them this semester VI. Is everyone that dammed busy..Arghh what so ever..

Then we learn...learn..listening..mie masuka? (you can hear me ?)
hai mie mas (yes i do hear you)
Ieik mie masen ( no i do not hear you)

Sensei keep rolling these word continuesly..and minna seem very enjoyable with the languange.

Then..minna actually we just need to memorize hiragana chart that consist of alphabeutical word..a e i o u and then we can write and able to read the kanji of course without knowing the meaning..

Haha..wat so ever. I' enjoy learning japanese and really hope to visit Japan one day..Onegaishimas kuddaisai..hehe

Ok Minna Jya Na..Ashiteru