Memories of Love

..Memories of love..

Memories is some kind of experianced that we gained when we meet someone and did some activities..Then we can have it.

Actually why people like to express their feeling..not in blog only. but maybe in diary or to someone that can be trusted..someone their love..

For my, it may be because im feel relieved or calmed to share the moment with someone. May be i'm cant say it but i can write it. Sometimes we just like people to hear without reply back and some don't. For me, blog is a good alternative to acknowledge others about my opinion. Because there is no one who's gonna argue with me about what im writing.

Other than that, i can tell to the whole world about what i means i can write anything i want straight from my deepest heart...

Im a person who is full of love and because of that i have a lot of memories to share ..if we want to know whether the person is full of love or lack of love..see it from his/her memories & experiance...
If he/she does have plenty...therefore that person if full of love & enjoyable..

"Don't Judge a book by its cover...then ask?"